Birds of Black Mountain

Mountain is home to a variety of bird species. Some live in Canberra all year round and others are seasonal visitors. Look and listen as you walk, run and enjoy the slopes of Black Mountain.

You may have to look and listen a little harder to spot some of the following species marked with Red button

All images are by Con Boekel

Australian King ParrotAustralian King Parrot


Australian Wood Duck
Australian Wood Duck Red button


Brown-headed HoneyeaterBrown-headed Honeyeater Red button


Crested pigeonCrested pigeon Red button


Eastern RosellaEastern Rosella




Grey CurrowongGrey Currawong Red button


Pacific Black DuckPacific Black Duck


Red Wattle BirdRed Wattle Bird


Speckled WarblerSpeckled Warbler Red button


Striated ThornbillStriated Thornbill


Superb Fairy-wrenSuperb Fairy-wren


White-winged ChoughWhite-winged Chough


Australian RavenAustralian Raven


Buff-rumped ThornbillBuff-rumped Thornbill


Brown GoshawkBrown Goshawk


Crimson RosellaCrimson Rosella


Eastern SpinebillEastern Spinebill Red button


Grey Butcher BirdGrey Butcher Bird Red button


Grey FantailGrey Fantail


Red-browed FinchRed-browed Finch Red button


Pied CurrawongPied Currawong


Striated PardaloteStriated Pardalote Red button


Sulphur-crested CockatooSulphur-crested Cockatoo


Varied SitellaVaried Sitella


Yellow-faced HoneyeaterYellow-faced Honeyeater


ACT Parks and Conservation Friends of Black Mountain Molonglo Catchment Group   ACT Government This project was supported with funding made available by the ACT Government under the ACT Heritage Grants Program.