What weather this summer! Hot dry weather and Total Fire Bans, and a horrible hail-storm. So many of our Friends have had damage from fire and/or the hail-storm and/or know relatives and friends who have. We wish you all the very best for smoothest repairs and recovery.

The hail has stripped about 80%-90% of leaves from trees on the north, north east and north west sides of the nature reserve. We are looking forward to seeing fresh shoots on the trees during our walks and work parties.

It is the first year to have a sequence of 2 work parties cancelled because of hot dry weather and total fire bans, and the next work party cancelled because of wet weather. Our wonderful weeders are very keen and looking forward to kinder weather.

On 7 March, we shall focus on the small remaining area of woodland in the south west corner of the Black Mountain Nature Reserve.

We shall break for morning tea at about 10:00 a.m.

Please note the weather; the work party will be cancelled if there is a Total Fire Ban on the day.

Weeders at work southwest corner