We are looking forward to seeking butterflies in the Black Mountain Nature Reserve … Butterflies love the warmth of sunshine so we are keeping our fingers crossed for a delightfully sunny day …

In Autumn, we see not only how colourful butterflies are when they fly but also how well “camouflaged” they are when resting on logs or rocks. Will we see Imperial Jezebels, Australian Painted Ladies, Common Brown butterflies and/or others that are around in Autumn. We all love sunlight, and we owe many glorious and sweet-scented flowers, at least those of long tubular form, to the butterflies and moths that pollinate them. Join our local expert, Suzi Bond to see and hear about butterflies and the plants they like near the summit of Black Mountain. 

The walk will be a generally easy walk with some steep sections and steps. Copies of the “Field Guide to the Butterflies of the Australian Capital Territory” by Suzi Bond with Steve Holliday and John Stein will be for sale. Other booklets will be for sale, too.

Happy butterfly watching!



Macleay's Swallow Tail butterfly