Woody Weed Program

The Friends of Black Mountain in conjunction with Molonglo Catchment Group has a successful woody weed removal program to enhance the conservation of local native plants.

The Weeding Work Parties are held on the first Saturday of each month; 9:00 to 12:00 generally and 8:30 to 11:30 in Eastern Summer Time during the months of daylight saving. The meeting point changes each month.

Our plan is to weed the perimeter of Black Mountain Nature Reserve where it is safe for volunteers to do so, and spiral up to the Summit. We have completed the initial circuit of the perimeter, as well as some special weeding projects, such as the large patch of the Securigera varia, a nasty (but deceptively pretty!) weed that can easily be mistaken for Lotus australis when in flower.

We are also revisiting some areas on the perimeter to monitor weeds, remove any we have missed and any that have sprouted since.

We work in conjunction with the Rangers of ACT Parks and Conservation, who remove woody and priority weeds in areas that are not safe for volunteers to do so.

The program included removing woody weeds in the Australian National Botanic Gardens in area adjacent to the fence between ANBG and the Black Mountain Nature Reserve, for several months and subsequent monitoring and weed removal.

Dr Rosemary Purdie provided key advice and active guidance for this program, and has written a report about the woody weeds that the members of Friends of Australian National Botanic Garden and Friends of Black Mountain have removed. This report, Volunteer removal of woody weeds from the Australian National Botanic Gardens and its annexes, February 2013 – June 2014, is now available on the ANBG web site at www.anbg.gov.au/gardens/research/library/reports/2014/Purdie-ANBG-weeds-2014.html  

We thank everyone who has been involved in FoBM's weed removal program very much. These wonderful weeders removed more than 9,000 woody weeds in the last two years.

We are continuing to actively remove woody weeds from the Black Mountain Nature Reserve, and look forward to our future weeding work parties and delicious morning teas.

Come and join us. To find out about the meeting point for our next weeding work party, email friendsofblackmountain@gmail.com